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       “Pet Ramps, Kennel and Access Gates”


Don’t risk injury to your pet either! The Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp allows pets to safely access  your RV  via your HCCR Deck or StairLite .  “Add Safe Entry for  your Pets Too”   No need to try and carry your Pet into your RV anymore!  With HCCR Decks & Stairs plus Pet Ramps both People and Pets now have Safe Access to their RV’s. 


The Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp is super lightweight at 15 lbs (PR01), 22lbs (PR02) and it supports over 400 lbs with no bending! Its combination aluminum+ plastic design make it the lightest & strongest pet ramp on the market. It’s also more compact, making it easier to use and store.


The telescoping design is the secret to making this ramp so easy to use - just slide it out to use and slide it in to stow. No clumsy folding and unfolding required.


 Pet Ramps are infinitely adjustable from 39” to 72” (PR01)  47” to 87” (PR02): use it fully-extended for HCCR StairSafe and Stairlite models and can also be used for SUVs, pickups, grooming table, etc.; shorten the ramp when space is limited or when the upper surface isn’t as high, such as a bed, couch, or minivan. A high-traction walking surface gives pets a sure footing, especially on steep climbs.


The ramp also includes a convenient carry handle, and safety release latch to prevent accidental opening. The ultra-stiff design utilizes four rubber feet to keep the ramp stable while in use.


The HCCR Pet access gate (PRDK) allow for a opening in the railing on all deck models for the PET Ramps that can simply be open when in use or closed when not in use. 


Add on HCCR Pet Kennel (C) to your StairSafe model and you have a lockable kennel and all 4 inch balusters on deck railings .


On Stairlite models the ramp can be used on the stairs and they will take up 17” (PR01) to 20” (PR01) of the 30-32 inch width stairs and still allow room for people. The ramp can also be removed when not in use.



To Order Email  or call 480-837-4927 with information from  Order Form.


Two Telescoping Pet Ramp Models:


PR01– 39-72 inch length  17 inch width


PR02– 47-87 inch length  20 inch width


Pet Ramps can be used for both StairSafe and StairLite Models.

PRDK-  Pet Ramp Deck Access  Gate


Pet Gate is a option for all StairSafe models and can be open for Pet Access or simply closed.


Model Shown: D402830BGN

Options:  PRDK-Pet Ramp gate, PR01-Pet Ramp, C-Pet Kennel.

C– Pet Kennel Option:


Pet Kennel is option for all StairSafe models.


Lockable gate with 4 inch spaced balusters deck railings.


Model Shows: Multi-Deck-1D40, 2-D60

Options: C,-Pet Kennel.

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Pet Friendly Option Pricing


PR01– Smaller Pet Ramp 39” to 72”       $160


PR02– Larger Pet Ramp 47” to 87”         $190


PRDK– Deck railing pet access gate         $40


C– Deck model Kennel          D40 Deck                   $125

                                                 D60 Deck                 $150

We recommend options other than standard non slip (raised metal) for deck and stairs if you have pets. Their claws can catch in non slip flooring.


CD– Carpet Grey or Tan Deck: D40 $40     D60 $55


NT-  15x15 SwissTrax decking:   D40 $120   D60 $145


The price on Pet Ramps includes shipping.