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Our family’s (Hofmann’s & Wishers)  have been camping, fishing, hunting, golfing and dirt bike riding together for many years.


Over the years we have come up with many new product ideas that we made for our own use. This whole idea for RV decks, stairs for Rvers started when I had bad knees and hips and had a hell of a time getting into and out of my RV's. Then my granddaughter did a head plant out of my 5th wheel at Disney World in 2005.


In 2009 my neighbor at RV Resort where I was staying let me borrow their wood deck and stairs while they went back North for summer. Wow, what a big difference in getting in and out of the trailer. I then started to think about what I liked and did not like and of course the portability and maintenance issues with wood deck and stairs. I researched what was on the market and did not see a product like I had in my mind. I came up with a very rough design and Bill Wisher of Steel Works  (OSW) built it. Our 1st prototype  was complete in Q4 of 2009. It drastically improved on the flimsy steps all RV’s have and also on wood units with a free standing steel deck and stairs.  It was movable but not portable . It did have a kennel/storage area that was lockable and a nice sized deck and large stairs.












 We learned a lot and did our next model  (now our D40 deck) in July of 2010.  We took this unit and our RV (Hitchhiker 5th wheel) with us everywhere in 2010 and did a few RV shows.  When I got back home we knew we were on to something.  We added a D60 model to wrap up our StairSafe model line and added our StairLite models. We finished our 1st release of  our web site and did our 1st big RV show in Quartzsite, AZ in Jan 2011. 


We completed our 3rd release of our RV  StairSafe deck/stairs  & StairLite product  lines in Jan of 2011 and it has many features customers asked for. Our decks and stairs now have models and options to fit just about any 5th wheel, travel trailer, motor home , truck camper or park model.   Our quality is exceptional and all our models are portable, lite weight and less than 5 minute assembly. Now you can you can take your safe stairs and deck with you. 



We did the Good Sam RV Rally at PIR in Phoenix, AZ in March of 2012 ,  Feb 2015, March 2017, Jan 2018 (Phx Convention center), Apr 2018 (Indianapolis)  Check out our Product Video’s and slide shows on our HOME page GALLERY link.


We have customers using our StairSafe and StairLite units in over 40 states and Canada.  We were featured in “New Products Section” of Trailer Life Magazine in Sept 2012 issue. We have added many more options and accessories along the way.  Pet Friendly options like pet ramps integrated into our StairSafe and StairLite models and decks that now have pet kennels. New Redwood stair railing caps for all models that  add an awesome look but also make railings cool to the touch in the hot desert sun.  New interlocking self draining deck tiles by SwissTrax. Our design is modular (Multiple decks and stairs) and we have a factory direct business model. 

HCCR RV Products  in Fountain Hills, AZ handles all marketing, advertising, sales, shipping and customer service. Steel Works  in Henderson, NV is sole manufacturer. 


Together we  are “Taking RV steps to a Totally new Level”










































Bill Wisher–   Steel Works

Len Hofmann– HCCR RV Products



HCCR and OSW 1st Prototype 2009